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Show you care for the planet as much as your clients.

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Using eco friendly promotional products will give you many great benefits. Not only are they helpful to the planet but they also add to your brand image. Since more people are worried about climate change they like to know the products they use are eco safe.

Our aim is to help you make your branded merchandise both sustainable and ethical.

At Eco Promos we have over 25 years experience of branding promotional products. With our expertise you can trust us to provide you with the best quality products. And with our passion for the environment you can be sure that they are eco friendly too

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Promotional products still remain an effective tool for your marketing campaign. More than ever, people need something that they can touch and hold. But, just providing the same branded products as before is no longer a sensible option.

As with all things, the start of this decade has shown we need a rethink. And rethinking your company branded merchandise to be more eco-friendly is a wise decision.

The Eco Promos website is committed to showcasing the best in eco friendly promotional products. 

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Why Choose Eco Promos


You place your brand in our hands when you place your business with us. We understand how important this is to you. For this reason, we check everything before production to make sure your logo looks its best on our products.


We have stayed in the branded merchandise industry for this long by keeping our promises. Your delivery deadlines are vital if your giveaways are needed for an event. We'll check their progress through every stage and make sure they keep on track.


Don't worry we're not a dating site. But we do know your business needs someone who you can talk to whenever you have questions. One person will look after your orders. Giving you a direct point of contact when you need answers.


We love eco friendly promotional products. Many merchandise companies may struggle to provide environmentally friendly products. Whereas we have made it our mission and as a result, our knowledge is second to none.

Your Brand & The Planet are Safe with Us

Because of the rise of green issues, there has never been a better time for buying eco friendly promotional gifts. Gone is the time when sustainable promotional products looked boring or cheap.

For instance, our recycled notebooks come in a wide range of colours, not just brown. Alongside these, we have a range that is made from Apple Parts. All will look equally as good with your logo on them.

The need to reduce single-use plastic has led to more choice in water bottles, take away coffee cups as well as tote bags. Our eco promotional tote bags include recycled cotton and RPET, which is recycled plastic bottles. We also have GOTS cotton, which means they are certified 100% organic and the production methods are ethical.

You will find, amongst our Drinkware range, the truly popular stainless steel bottles. These products branded with your logo will be a hit in any marketing campaign. Disposable take away cups are also items that cause great damage to the environment. This is why reusable coffee cups have become popular promotional giveaways. We have a great range including recycled plastic ones.

Eco Promotional Products

What are Eco Friendly Promotional Products?

We have four guiding principles when considering if the promotional products are friendly to the environment. Promotional products must be, or be able to be Recycled, Reused, Reduce, Responsible. If a product can fit within one if not all of these principles then we think they are worthy to be included.

Can we afford Eco Friendly Promotional Products?

In terms of the environment, we don’t think you can afford not to make your promotional gifts eco friendly. However, in terms of spend, the price of recycled promotional merchandise has reduced in cost. Similarly the costs  for recyclable and responsibly sourced products are no longer considered premium. Most will have the same price as similar giveaways.

Do Clients still want Promotional Products?

Everyone loves a freebie especially if it is an item that they will use. As a result of more people working from home, a lot of your customers may feel isolated. When they receive a promotional product with your brand it will let them know you are thinking of them.

Do my Promotional Products need to be Eco Friendly?

If your marketing campaign is not centred around green issues you may not think a range of eco friendly promotional items is worth it. More brands are looking to improve their csr or corporate social responsibility. Using eco friendly promotional merchandise will show your brand awareness.

Eco Promos

Who are Eco Promos

Eco Promos are part of Per Annum Ltd who have been in the branded merchandise business for over 25 years. We have set up this website in order to highlight our range of eco friendly products. Especially as our belief is that environmentally friendly merchandise is the most important way forward.

Can I be sure of your Customer Service?

We continually monitor our customer service so that your business experience with us will be the best it possibly could. We will always update you on progress and answer questions quickly to be sure you are satisfied. You will also have your account holders email address as well as mobile number in case you need a quicker response.

What if things go wrong with my order?

Let’s be honest, everyone can make mistakes. We like to act quickly whenever this does happen with one of our orders. We take responsibility whether the mistake is in the materials or branding. As long as we have been given clear instructions we will quickly repair the mistake.

What Promotional Products do you recommend?

Most companies have definitely asked this question. We enjoy being asked this as, after all, it gives us a chance to get to know your brand better. Ultimately it depends on what you want to achieve with your marketing campaign and the season. Branded eco friendly bags and printed clothing are great items of promotional merchandise for raising brand awareness outdoors. Conversely, your clients will find Notebooks, pens, pencils and other stationery items useful although they are used indoors. We also need to look at the logo in your branding. Together we will go through the wide range of options available to you in order to find the best promotional item or items for your business.