Pheebs Recycled Cotton Tote

Make friends with the 5oz Pheebs Recycled Branded Tote Bags for your next promotional tote bags.
Eco Credentials
The 5oz/150gsm Recycled Cotton make the 5oz Pheebs Recycled Branded Tote Bags the perfect Eco-Friendly choice. The five ‘heather’ shades are due to the slight colour variation that comes from recycled cotton. However, rather than viewing this as a hindrance we believe it adds to their authenticity and gives a distinctive look.
They have the popular dimensions of 420 x 380mm with 300mm drop handles, seen on most tote bags. This size is just right for carry items from the weekly ‘big shop’ as well as your company logo.
Dimensions 420 x 380mm, Long Handles
1 Col Print1.99£1.62£1.53£1.50£1.41
Digital Transfer4.57£3.69£2.95£2.89£2.21
Price Shown is Per Bag
Other Branding will increase costs
Set Up Charges £35 per Spot Colour/£50 Digital
Excludes Delivery & VAT
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Recycled Cotton


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Digital Transfer