UV-C Steriliser Box

UV-C Steriliser Box & Wireless Charger

Help keep your clients safe with this Branded steriliser box. 

Key Details
Price Shown Includes 1 Colour Print 1 Position
Set Up Charges £35 per Colour
Other Branding will increase costs
Excludes Delivery &VAT
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Image showing PPE being sterilised in the branded steriliser box. Great eco friendly promotional products from Eco Promos.
Sterilise PPE*
Image showing phone being charged on top of the branded steriliser box. Great eco friendly promotional products from Eco Promos.
Wireless Charger

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Branded Steriliser Box – eco friendly promotional products?

It is a good question. Should the Branded UV-C Steriliser Box be included in a list of Eco Friendly Promotional Products? After all it is made of ABS which is a thermoplastic, which cannot really be considered eco friendly in itself.
However, we think that the benefits that this can offer to reducing the current waste crisis are something that cannot be ignored.
Disposable PPE is set to become one of the highest contributing class of products to landfills.
Anything that can help to reduce this is of enormous worth.
The Branded Steriliser box can be used to sterilise PPE masks, removing bacteria. Normal washing will only cause the masks to fall apart.
*Please note that if a standard PPE mask is soiled by sneezing or contaminated by any other bodily fluid, IT MUST BE DISPOSED OF IMMEDIATELY.

The Branded Steriliser Box can help your clients protect themselves against bacteria and germs
The multifunction UV-C steriliser kills up to 99,9% of the bacteria placed inside the device.
Simply place objects inside the steriliser to sterilise them using UV-C technology
Items can include earbuds, jewellery, watches and branded facemasks.
You can choose to do a quick clean in 90 seconds or a complete clean in 5 minutes.
The 2 UV-C LED lights inside the branded steriliser box inside are non-toxic. They are made without mercury like many UV lamps in the market.
Safety is also a concern with these eco friendly promotional products.
They have been designed to ensure that the UV-C led light will switch off automatically when the box is opened. So the user will not be exposed to the UV-C light.
The lights have a lifecycle of 10.000 hours.
On top of the steriliser is a 5W wireless charger to charge your mobile device.
Includes 100 cm PVC free TPE type C cable.
Input: 5V/1.5A; Output: 5/1A – 5W.