Cork and Wheat 5.000 mAh Powerbank

Cork and Wheat 5.000 mAh Powerbank

Recharge your clients when they’re running out of power with this eco 5000mah Branded Power Bank

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Fresh air, green space, exercise. There is so much to enjoy outside. But if you’re a technophile there’s always the fear; ‘What if my phone runs out and there’s no power points’.

Relieve this doubt for your clients. Give them the Cork and Wheat Eco 5000mah Branded Power Bank, tastefully engraved with your logo.

Let them roam about, take pictures and videos, post to Instagram or Tik Tok and still have power enough to phone for help when they’re stuck in a field of cows.

This wonderful example of eco promotional products is small enough to fit comfortably in a purse or pocket. But powerful enough to re-charge a mobile phone 3 times when fully powered up.


Laser Engraved logo on Eco 5000mah branded power bank
Laser Engraved

Eco 5000mah Branded Power Bank, Power your clients enjoyment of nature.

It would be a bit of a shame if we constantly spoke about the environment without helping people enjoy it.

The great outdoors is such a wonderful place to be. Fresh air, lots of fauna and flora to see and all the smells that go with it.

But everybody should know, you have to go prepared. Once upon a time this would have been ensuring that you have stout walking shoes, clothing for the weather, a packed lunch. And of course directions of where to go.

Things have moved on since those times. Although the advice on shoes, clothing and food still stand, technology is also needed.

Maps and directions are now on phones. When you see interesting flora and fauna you want to photograph it and perhaps check what it is. Again this information can be found on your phone.

All this usage can drain the phones resources. This is why the Eco 5000mah Branded Power Bank is exactly the power your clients may need to continue enjoying the nature that surrounds them.

There’s nothing more annoying, while you’re out and about, than your phone dying on you.
Be the saviour for your clients. Give them these eco 5000mah branded power banks. You never know, that phone call they wanted to make, may have been to you.

These handy sized powerbanks are a truly marvellous eco promotional technology product. Measuring 101 x 15 x 64mm they’ll fit snuggly into most pockets and purses. So they won’t get in the way.
Yet they a powerful punch.
Your client can re-charge their mobile phone up to three times without having to re-charge the 5000mah branded powerbanks themselves. Due to the long-lasting grade A 5.000 mAh high density lithium polymer battery.
And don’t worry about the power banks losing energy. Power indicators let you know how much charge they have left, so you can make sure you have enough before going outside.

Type-C input 5V/2A Micro USB Input 5V/2A.

Output 5V/2A

Individually Boxed

Branding by laser engraving.

Cork and Wheat 5.000 mAh powerbank

This Cork and Wheat Eco 5000mah Branded Power Bank is a gift your clients will truly love to receive from you. Tastefully Laser Engraved with your logo to make powerful eco promotional products.

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