Straw RFID

Straw RFID Card Protector

Help protect your clients’ identity as well as the planet with an Eco Friendly Promotional RFID Card Protector.

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Price Shown is per Unit
Includes Logo Printed 1 Colour 1 Position
Set Up Charges £35.00
(Other Branding will increase costs)
Excludes Delivery & VAT
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Insurance, how many times have you heard it’s a boring subject.

That is until you have an accident, or lose something.

Otherwise Insurance is something you pay for but never see.

Give your clients a level of insurance that not only protect but looks good too.

Give them this stunning eco friendly promotional RFID Card Protector.

The electromagnetic shield stops signals to and from the client’s credit card. Stopping scammers from collecting its information.

With a great speckled appearance due to the 50% Wheat Straw. This is one beautifully visible insurance product.

The large branding area for your logo will let them know which company is helping to protect them.


Front Padprinting on Eco Friendly Promotional RFID Card Protector
Front Print
Back Padprinting on Eco Friendly Promotional RFID Card Protector
Digital Print

Is a Promotional RFID Card Protector necessary?

Of course there is a debate about whether RFID Card fraud actually happens.

We are the first to admit we’re not the experts in security, identity or credit card fraud. So we are not going to offer conclusive proof either way.

However, what we can say is that fraudsters are becoming ever more sophisticated and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that RFID skimming does exist.

The troubling thing when some fraud cases do occur is how hard it has been to find out where or when the fraud did take place.

Giving protection against something that could happen is better than leaving yourself open to it in case it does.

This is why we have included a promotional RFID Card protector in our catalogue. 

Protection, we all need it at some point.

We especially like it when someone else offers us protection.

Be that person for your clients.

Give them a promotional RFID Card Protector branded with your company logo.

This slim and delightful eco promotional technology gift gives them some insurance against credit card fraud and identity theft.

With an electromagnetic shield this stops signals to or from the credit card.

And don’t worry it won’t destroy the card from functioning when you need it.

Made from 50% Wheat Straw this eco friendly promotional RFID Card Protector is gorgeous to look at.

With a large branding area to show off your company logo.

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