Reusable Branded Face Masks Set

Reusable Face Mask Set

Protect and save with these Reusable Branded Face Masks Set
This comfortable reusable branded face masks set has been made to fit for every face.
It has a lightweight three-layer design.
The first layer is a polyester front layer.
This layer is treated with ViralOff®. It is a technology that removes 99% of the viruses in 2 hours.
Then there is the game changing middle layer.
This contains a unique laboratory tested Hyproof® Nanofibre filter. A reusable filter with a filtering efficiency of 95%.
The last layer is for your comfort.
This layer is made of polyester. With three-dimensional chin structure and nose bridge for easy breathing.
This set includes:
  • 1 reusable and washable face mask
  • 5 reusable filters
  • 1 storage pouch
The Reusable Branded Face Masks Set is not a medical device within the meaning of Regulation EU / 2017/745 (surgical masks).
It is also, not, a personal protective equipment within the meaning of Regulation EU / 2016/425 (filter masks type FFP2).
Registered design®
Key Facts
Price Shown Includes 1 Colour Print 1 Position
Set Up Charges £35 per Colour
Other Branding will increase costs
Excludes Delivery &VAT
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Image showing the 3 protective layers of the Reusable Branded Face Masks Set from Eco Promos
3 Layer Protection
The Reusable Branded Face Masks Set from Eco promos have ViralOff® treatment to protect against virus transference.
ViralOff® Treated
Image showing the pouch which is including in the Reusable Branded Face Masks Set from Eco Promos
Storage Pouch
Image showing the individual box which is included with the Reusable Branded Face Masks Set from Eco Promos
Individually Boxed


Screen Transfer
Image showing digital transfer logo on Reusable Branded Face Masks Set from Eco promos
Digital Transfer

Reusable Branded Face Masks Set Details

Firstly, we would like to say that we are not qualified to offer medical advice.
For the best health advice we would point you to the World Health Organisation.
As more countries make wearing face masks mandatory on public transport, including the UK, the wearing of face masks will become more normal.
Providing branded face masks to your clients and staff is a natural progression. They will show your brand to have concerns amidst this current crisis.
We, at Eco Promos, are not only concerned with the safety of people. We are also concerned with the environmental impact that disposable masks can have.
It would not be right or responsible for us to advocate not wearing face masks. Instead we wanted to find a solution that met both criteria.
We think that the reusable branded face masks set are a great compromise.
Having both a reusable outer cover and reusable inner filter is perfect. This means less waste while providing some protection.
ViralOff® is created by Polygiene.
It is normally applied to the fabric at the finishing stages of production.
It does not affect the skin.
On a treated material, it has shown a 99% reduction of many viruses, within two hours.
We also like the fact that materials treated with ViralOff® can be used longer.
The Hyproof® Nanofibre filter is a game changing added bonus.
This may seem like the scary science bit. Most people think small nano particles. They worry that these particles can be breathed in themselves.
However an article by Business Insider has quoted these as being ‘a very thin, long fiber that forms a continuous network’, ‘like a bowl of spaghetti but with only one noodle’.
As the filters too are reusable the environmental impact again is greatly reduced.
The reusable branded face masks set are definitely preferable to disposable face masks.
However if you do not feel these are right for you. And if you are still convinced that disposable branded face masks are what you need. Please visit our sister site Per Annum.
Here you will find many other types of branded face masks to match your needs. Please make sure to let them know Eco Promos sent you.