Eco Custom Clothing

Let your clients wear your eco branding on their sleeve, front, back or all together. 

Coltan Mens Eco Promotional Jackets from Eco Promos productimage
Coltan Men’s Softshell Jacket
GRS Certified Recycled Polyester
Women's Azurite Eco Promotional Tshirt from Eco Promos, your source for Eco Promotional Products
Azurite Women’s S/S T-Shirt
160gsm. 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.
Balfour Eco Custom Tshirt from Eco Promos
Balfour Women’s S/S T-Shirt
200gsm. 95% Certified Organic Cotton 5% Elastane
Balfour Eco Promotional Tshirts from Eco Promos
Balfour Men’s S/S T-Shirt
200gsm. 95% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton 5% Elastane.
Azurite Eco Custom Tshirts from Eco Promos
Azurite Men’s S/S T-Shirt
160gsm. 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.
Graphite Eco Custom Polo Shirts from Eco Promos
Graphite Men’s Polo
180gsm Pique, 100% Certified Organic Cotton.

Eco Custom Clothing for sustainable promotional clothing.

Why use promotional clothing?

Clothing is well known to be one of the most effective promotional items available for great brand exposure. The term ‘walking billboard’ remains as true now as it has ever been.

While many client gifts will stay in the office or home, promotional clothing has an outdoor use as well. Allowing your logo to be proudly displayed to the outside world.

Promotional clothing is perfect for giveaways, conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows.

Branded has many uses within corporate, hospitality, and security. Clearly identifying staff and volunteers.

Why use eco custom clothing?

‘Fast fashion’ has become problematic for today’s environmentally conscious society. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation gives stark statistics on the damage clothing can cause.

“Each year millions of tonnes of clothes are produced, worn, and thrown away. Every second, the equivalent of a rubbish truck load of clothes is burnt or buried in landfill. The fashion industry is one of the major contributors of plastic microfibres entering our oceans.”

Promoting your brand using our eco-friendly promotional clothing shows you care for the sustainability of our planet.