Eco Friendly Branded Notebooks

Eco Friendly Branded Notebooks are one of the most cost effective and efficient eco friendly promotional products. They stay with your client for longer. Meaning your spend goes further. And your logo is always with them.


Image Showing the Collection available for Broadstairs Recycled Branded Notebooks from Eco Promos
Broadstairs Recycled Notebooks
Step up your promotions with the Broadstairs Recycled Branded Notebooks. It isn't a great leap to...
Appeel Eco Branded Notebooks made from parts of apple. Available from Eco Promos.
Appeel Notebooks
Appeel Branded Eco Notebooks, part of your Promotional 5-a-day. For branded notebooks that are as unique...
Intimo Recycled Branded Notebooks available in 8 colours from Eco Promos
Intimo Wiro
Stay close to your clients with the Intimo Recycled Branded Notebooks. A5 Wiro Recycled Card Cover...
Nature Eco-Friendly Branded Notebooks from Eco Promos
Let your promotions be a force for good with the Nature Eco-Friendly Branded Notebooks 100% Recyclable...
Image showing Hardback Wiro Eco-Friendly Branded Notebooks from Eco Promos
Hardback Wiro
With the eco-friendly hardback wiro notebooks you're in control. Recycled Paper with hardback laminated cover. Choose...
Image showing Cardcover Wiro Eco-Friendly Branded Notebooks from Eco Promos
Card Cover Wiro
Card cover eco-friendly wiro notebooks, truly flexible eco friendly branded notebooks. Multiple ways to make them...

Why we like Eco Friendly Branded Notebooks

Notebooks have always been close to our hearts. Even in this most technical age that we live in, nothing has come close to beating them for ease of note taking.

Yes, we know that you can take notes on your phone. And we know there are many other devices. But while you are in a meeting, do you really want to be using your phone? Do you really want the sound of a clicking keyboard or pressing on a screen?

Taking and making notes with a notebook and pen is quicker, quieter and so much more sociable.

Having your company name on branded notebooks, has always been a great idea. They stay with your client during the working day. And sometimes beyond. Your logo will always been in front of them during this time.

If they take them to meetings with their clients or outside of work them your logo will also been seen by others. Double exposure.
Having your logo on eco friendly branded notebooks gives your eco credentials a note worthy boost.

During the current Covid crisis mental health has become a major issue. One of the proven ways to help with this is the use of journaling. It provides people with a way to express themselves and make notes on their journey. Not many eco friendly promotional products can have such an impact as Eco Friendly Branded Notebooks.

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