Made from Cork and Wheat Straw (35%) ABS & PVC free TPE cable.

20 x 50 x 140mm
Natural Cork Top Wheatstraw Casing
CO₂ Engraved
Approx. 10 – 12 Working Days



The perfect Eco Promotional Charging Cable

Not only can this wonderful little product help save the planet, it can also save space too.

Let’s admit it, with all the additional technology toys that we acquire comes the need to find another cable.

This is where this Cork and Wheat Eco promotional charging cable becomes your new friend.

Measuring 2 x 5 x 14 cm its small enough to avoid adding to the clutter on your client’s desk.

As the cables are retractable it means no more annoying tangles.

Naturally coloured it is also a joy to look at. With a speckled finished appearance.

Made from 35% Cork and Wheat Straw.

Mixed with ABS and PVC free TPE cable.

Type C input, perfect for newer generation phone chargers and MacBook computers with type C output.

Double-sided connector for IOS and Android devices

Regular USB A input.

Connect with your clients with an Eco Promotional Charging Cable

Part of the Technology Range.