H2O Recycled Spout Lid 650ml

650ml Spout Lid Recycled Branded Water Bottles to refresh your promotions.
Key Details
Image showing dimensions of 650ml Flip Top Recycled Branded Water Bottles from Eco Promos
Dimensions 224mm x 73mm Capacity 650ml
Price Shown Includes 1 Colour Print
Set Up Charges £35 per Colour
(Other Branding will increase costs)
Excludes Delivery & VAT
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Spot Print


Post Consumer PET
Spill Proof Lid

Recycled Branded Water Bottles for Waters’ Health.

Help banish single use plastics from entering our oceans with these recycled branded water bottles.

These are an amazing addition to our eco branded merchandise range. The base of the promotional water bottles are made from Prevented Ocean Plastic. This is plastic collected within 50km of an ocean coastline or major waterway that feeds into the ocean. Once sorted it is transformed into high quality, food safe recycled plastic.

So not only are you giving your customers reusable water bottles. Which are worthy printed water bottles in themselves. But you are giving recycled branded water bottles that have helped save the earth’s waters. An inspiring environmentally friendly promotional product.

Yet it is not just for the environment’s sake that you should use these for brand awareness. The spout lid is one of the most popular lids for branded sports bottles.

People love them when going to the gym. As the lids are spill proof it means no more messy leaks in sports bags or on clothes. Water intake is controlled by suction so you receive only the amount of water you want. Vital for running.

Over the last year exercise has become a hot topic. With the Prime Minister urging the British people to exercise more. This was why gyms were one of the first indoor places to reopen after the winter 2020-21 lockdown. Let your customer carry a recycled branded water bottle with your company logo on it. This will show them and others that both your client and your company intent to thrive in difficult times.

It is not only sports that promotional water bottles are useful for. Hydration is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. It is recommended that an adult drinks between 2000 – 2500 ml of water a day. Most people find drinking this hard to maintain. Not surprising as water is such an uninspiring drink. It doesn’t look or taste as good as tea or coffee.

Your recycled branded water bottle may help with this. First it looks much better than a plain glass of water. The lid means that dust and other airborne particles can’t get in the liquid. And having the water in a promotional sports bottle reminds people they are doing this for their health.

To create greater brand awareness, team these recycled branded water bottles with other eco branded merchandise. Choose a T-shirt or Polo Shirt from our clothing range. Giving more visibility to your logo in the gym or outside. Add a notebook, so they can record and track their progress. Then have them all sent in a branded bag.

Give the H2O Recycled Branded Water Bottles. For your customers health, the oceans’ health and the health of your brand.