Hardback Wiro

Hardback Wiro Eco-Friendly Branded Notebooks, designed for your next promotion.
The Swiss Army Knife of Wiro Promotional Notebooks. Well not just of Wiro Promotional Notebooks but of all promotional notebooks.These are one of the most adaptable notebooks that we have. These are yours to make your own from start to finish, from cover to cover. First you choose the size that suits you best. An A4, A5, A6 or a perhaps you would like a size that is a little less conventional. Next are the inside pages. Would you like them to be Ruled, Squared, Dotted or Plain. Just think who is more likely to use these and how they would like to write their notes. As an extra reminder, you could add your logo to the pages. Perhaps also include your contact details, phone number email or web address. Why not treat it as a mini catalogue and add special pages to the front, or back. Complete it all with covers in glorious full colour. Just let your creativity flow.
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Ruled Pages

Squared Pages

Plain Pages


Logo on Pages

Advertising Pages

What can the Hardback Wiro Eco-Friendly Branded Notebooks do?

Well we would say they can do just about anything you want them to do. That is, for sure, anything you would want your promotional notebooks to do for you. It is a fact that they can give you more options than most eco-friendly branded notebooks can.


These are called the blank canvas of branded notebooks. As that is what you start with. Just let your creative imagination flow to create the hardback wiro eco-friendly branded notebooks that best fit your brand’s promotions at the time.
The covers can be glorious work of art. Designed by your studio, or we have our very own graphic designers on hand to help. Alternatively you could have a simple logo against a colour background chosen from your guidelines. Whatever fits best with your promotional needs at the time.
For the inside pages? You know, more than we do, who is going to use your notebooks. If they are used for conferences, meetings or daily in the office, then ruled pages would most likely be best. If they are to be used by architects, planners or engineers, perhaps squared or dotted pages work better for them? And if they are to be given to artists or creatives, is plain pages the ideal choice.
But don’t stop there when it comes to the insides. Add your logo, web address and other contact details to the pages. Include separate full colour advertising pages to highlight your company’s message or products you are proud of.

I am sure you will agree with us on the merits of the Hardback Wiro Eco-Friendly Branded Notebooks. These can do many things for your next eco-friendly promotional product. If you are looking for a range of items then Eco Promos is definitely the right place. We are part of Per Annum Ltd. Established for over 25 years, we are one of the longest running and most stable eco promotional products suppliers in the UK. We ensure that we provide the best quality of goods and service within our clients budget. We know how important these will be to you and we continually strive to achieve these daily. Contact us now and let us now what you need. You will be surprised at what we can provide for you and how efficient we are at the service.