Branded Notebooks remain one of the most popular promotional items. Due, in no small part, to their usefulness. They will stay in front of your client longer than most branded merchandise. And will constantly remind them of you.
We are pleased to bring you our selection of the best eco branded notebooks on the market today. Each is ready to have your logo applied.

Notebook Size
Notebook Colour
Notebooks Format
Image Showing the Collection available for Broadstairs Recycled Branded Notebooks from Eco Promos
Broadstairs Recycled Notebooks
Step up your promotions with the Broadstairs Recycled Branded Notebooks. It isn't a great leap to...
Image showing Cardcover Wiro Eco-Friendly Branded Notebooks from Eco Promos
Card Cover Wiro
Card cover eco-friendly wiro notebooks, truly flexible eco friendly branded notebooks. Multiple ways to make them...
Image showing Hardback Wiro Eco-Friendly Branded Notebooks from Eco Promos
Hardback Wiro
With the eco-friendly hardback wiro notebooks you're in control. Recycled Paper with hardback laminated cover. Choose...
Intimo Recycled Branded Notebooks available in 8 colours from Eco Promos
Intimo Wiro
Stay close to your clients with the Intimo Recycled Branded Notebooks. A5 Wiro Recycled Card Cover...
Appeel Eco Branded Notebooks made from parts of apple. Available from Eco Promos.
Appeel Notebooks
Appeel Branded Eco Notebooks, part of your Promotional 5-a-day. For branded notebooks that are as unique...
Nature Eco-Friendly Branded Notebooks from Eco Promos
Let your promotions be a force for good with the Nature Eco-Friendly Branded Notebooks 100% Recyclable...

Why use Eco Branded Notebooks?

1 – Presence
By this we mean that they are constantly in front of your client. Even in this digital age notebooks are still used every day. Having your logo on the eco branded notebooks that your clients are using means your brand is with them every day too.

2 – They last
It isn’t only for a short period that a branded notebook is in front of your client. Notebooks have a life span of months. During that time your logo on the notebook will be there working for you. 

3 – Return on Investment
As they will be with your client everyday and for months, it should go without saying that Eco Branded Notebooks are an excellent return on your investment. But it is always nice to point it out.

4 – Within Budget
Branded Notebooks are not the latest shiny new thing on the block. You don’t have to pay for a technological break through. There is a notebook that is sure to fit within your marketing budget.